Sunday, November 18, 2012

Things You Find When You Read The New York Times

The other day, I was eating my breakfast - a bowl of cereal with Lactose-free milk, naturally - and reading my New York Times, when I stumbled upon an article that was very, very interesting to dairy-free me.  I just knew I had to share the report with everyone else who suffers from lactose intolerance.  (And with those of you who have just stumbled across my blog, while looking for a photo of a cow on the internet.  sigh)

The article had almost nothing to do with lactose intolerance  - it was about how Sam Adams beer founder, Jim Koch, was helping new small-business owners in Boston, fine-tune their products and find success in the business world.  The NYT reporter interviewed one such small-business owner, a bakery owner named Carlene O'Garro, who was interested in starting a whole-sale business selling non-dairy cheesecakes.

See where I'm going with this?  See how my interest was immediately peaked?  Understand why I almost chocked on my lactose-free milk?

Non-dairy cheesecakes!?!  Yes, please!  Now that's one small-business idea, I could gladly get behind.

Want to read the New York Times article for yourself?

Here's the link

The article was a tad disappointing from a lactose intolerant's perspective.  It doesn't look like I'm going to find these wonderful-looking, dairy-free cheesecakes at my local Whole Foods Market any time soon.  The powers to be at the Sam Adams seminar encouraged the baker, Carlene O'Garro, to try distributing the cakes to local colleges and cafeterias instead of supermarkets.  Perhaps great advice for Ms. O'Garro and all cafeteria-bound, dairy-free, college students in the Boston area, but pretty miserable advice for those of us post-graduate, lactose intolerant cheesecake-lovers.  Maybe the college students and cafeterias will be such a hit that Ms. O'Garro will eventually be forced to sell her dairy-free cheesecakes at grocery stores, too?

We can only dream.

In the meantime, Ms. O'Garro has a website:

It doesn't mention dairy-free items or even those wonderful-looking dairy-free cheesecakes, but maybe they could be made to order.

In any case, I applaud all lactose free bakers and so I applaud Carlene O'Garro of Delectable Desires.  Well done, Carlene O'Garro.  And thank you!
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